Circle of Stones Jewelry

Adorning the Sacred Feminine

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create a custom piece for me and how much will it cost?

Yes, I do sometimes create custom pieces for clients.  Whether I am able to say yes to creating a custom piece depends on what you are seeking and whether I have the time and/or training to create what you are desiring. The cost will vary depending on the piece(s), gemstones and metals used and the complexity of the design.  An initial non-refundable deposit is required to begin the piece and full payment is due before delivery.  We will discuss what you are wanting and it's due date. I will then give you an estimate of the total cost. There is NEVER a refund on a custom-design even if you don't like it or if you break it by accident. Custom designs require a lot of my personal time, attention and financial resources which makes refunds impossible. 

Can you create my wedding and bridesmaids jewelry and family gifts?

Yes, I do create custom wedding jewelry.  I will need a minimum of 6 months lead time to complete before the wedding.  Non-refundable deposits to create custom wedding jewelry will vary.  Final payments are due before delivery. Contact me to discuss the project. There is NEVER a refund on a custom design. All custom designed sales are final.

If I break or damage a piece, will you repair or replace it?

In most cases, yes.  I cannot promise that I will be able to exactly re-create the piece as each piece is unique and sometimes uses materials that are no longer available on the market.  There will be a cost to repairing or replacing a piece which will be determined on a case by case basis.  See shipping & returns policy.

Will you make a change to a piece I have purchased?

In most cases, no.  If you are wanting a specific design change then that would be considered a custom order because it will require me to take the piece apart and start over. Non-refundable deposit and design rates would apply.

Can I have something I purchased re-sized?

That depends on the piece and how it was designed.  Most resizing requires me to take apart the entire design and start over. There will be a cost involved for my time and materials which is similar to a custom order.  If resizing requires extra materials such as gemstones and findings, you will be charged for those materials and my time. Rings cannot be re-sized.

Why are your Return and Repair Policies so Hard-Ass?

I am not a department store and nor do I mass produce. I am an individual artisan using my personal finances to fund this business. I am not able to offer my services for free or provide guarantees like large box stores and chains that buy mass produced jewelry for cents per piece from countries like China and India. Unique, artisan-created jewelry is not designed to be easily exchanged, refunded or returned. It is the nature of this business. It is a business whose goal is to bring beauty into the world through purposefully created one-of-a- kind pieces and NOT to turn a profit like large department stores, high-end boutiques and large jewelry designer lines. Divine blessings for your compassionate understanding.